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Missouri "Don't Say Gay" Bill Sponsor: "There's No Need to Discuss Billy Marrying a Goat" →





Sponsors of legislation in Missouri that would eliminate discussions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in public schools and prohibit teachers from addressing bullying based on sexual orientation told the Huffington Post that they “do not want the homosexual agenda taught in the schools.” Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst (R), a co-sponsor of the so-called Don’t Say Gay bill, argued that sexual orientation issues “should be taught by parents, clergy and physician” and warned that teaching about LGBT issues would lead to other discussions. “There is no need to talk about Billy wanting to marry a goat,” he said. The bill is has been referred to a House subcommittee.

Do you understand this is a threat to my daughter? Things like this put her in danger and I will not take them quietly.

The “homosexual agenda?” There’s only one agenda that members of the LGBTQ community have, that I’m aware of: to be treated like the human beings they are. And if that’s what he’s referring to, then by all means, I want that agenda taught in schools. Because that “agenda” is otherwise known as “individual freedom and liberty,” and — it just so happens — that’s a core principle in the formation of this country.

Gayness = bestiality, good job Republicans. -Jess

I thought we stopped saying “the homosexual agenda” like ten years ago. :(

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    So you’re going to try to essentially ban talking about gay people? Do you think if you don’t talk about people like me...
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    I hope they realize that they said the EXACT same thing about interracial marriage. “If we allow it to happen, it will...
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    I thought we stopped saying “the homosexual agenda” like ten years ago. :(
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