Axe me something.   I like: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Golden Girls, Heavy Weights, Watchmen, Futurama, X-Files, the 1950s, retro future/space age, tattoos, chubby dudes and cool stuff.
I am: an assistant editor and sound editor (professionally) and an editor (freelance). I draw comics and take photos, but not enough. I live with my boyfriend and my cat, who are both furry and cute.

uffish-thoughts replied to your post: My coworker just asked what Bryant and I are doing…

That’s rough, m’lady. I’d like to try and see you sometime in the near future. We should do a small adventure next time we hang out.

That would be nice. Like every weekend ever is booked, but I’m expecting to be mad free in late July/early August, as that’s when Bryant’s away shooting. He’ll have irregular weekends, so whenever he happens to be home, I will be attached to him at the everything. But when he’s not home, I would love to do adventures!

(also maybe the second weekend in June? Do you have free weekends?)

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    Thanks! It is getting a bit better, yes. I am picking up the grooves here and there. The computer systems are stupidly...
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    Well, I’m working part time this summer, so I can be pretty flexible. :) Congrats on the new job, by the way. I saw you...