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My ten year high school reunion is this weekend.

My best female friend Jenn (I have a top three of friends: my best best friend, Stefan, my best friend from high school, Andy, and my best female friend who is also from high school, Jenn…they’re all pretty great) just called me saying she’s freaking out. Admittedly I kind of am, too. I’ve had sort of vague nightmares about it the last few nights. I’m sure it’ll be innocuously awkward and we’ll all move on with our lives afterwards but the whole thing is sort of weird. I went to a pretty small school (my class was about 130 or something and it was huge for my town) and the reunion is a BBQ and bonfire, which is all pretty low-key. But yeah- I don’t know. This isn’t much of a post. I feel weird about seeing people I haven’t seen in ten years and trying to act normal around them. I don’t think I’ll be successful at that. I feel like the kid I had a crush on in middle school will remember that and think I’m weird. Shit like that. 

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    Not at all. I think it’s pretty normal/okay to feel weird about reunions. And if I wasn’t still friends with some of the...
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    My reunion is this weekend took believe. I had an even smaller graduating class at BFUHS than you though somehow. I’m...
  3. uffish-thoughts said: LOL I love your attitude. Never change. The boy-crush from middle school didn’t know what he was missing, poor sucker. XD
  4. suzy-quzy said: I was confused by this until you mentioned your class size. I went to Pinkerton Academy, the biggest high school in NH. My class size was 1,000ish. Somehow less awkward. Either I didn’t know ‘em, didn’t care about ‘em, or we’re still friends.