Axe me something.   I like: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Golden Girls, Heavy Weights, Watchmen, Futurama, X-Files, the 1950s, retro future/space age, tattoos, chubby dudes and cool stuff.
I am: an assistant editor and sound editor (professionally) and an editor (freelance). I draw comics and take photos, but not enough. I live with my boyfriend and my cat, who are both furry and cute.

I went with Bry for a sunset/sunrise overnight shoot for this academy doc on Thursday night, and we were up at 4:30 on Friday. After work on Friday was a coworker’s going away party, so we did that (which was nice- nice to see so many folks from the company actually do something together) and then came home and vegged out on the couch for a couple hours then went to bed.

We slept in wicked late this morning and got lunch downtown. I prepped the footage Bry shot Thursday night/Friday morning and imported most of it. My laptop is overheating like crazy so I stopped for now. I read the script for this indie I’m working on this summer/fall that Bryant is shooting and popped into the skype meeting he was having about it. I also purchased a domain name for comics but have to wait until my host let’s me add another domain (I am bad at internet) before I can start working on it. I think I might work on some drawings now. So excited for the indie to start, even though Bryant is shooting it and will be away a lot for a month. Excited for sound cutting to start at work. Excited to start working on the little academy doc. Excited for my leftover buffalo tenders that are in the fridge. When are we eating dinner? Bryant is still in his meeting. Maybe we will go out for dinner. It is so fucking hot out. Maybe we will eat dinner in our air conditioned bedroom.

We had lunch with our friends Stefan and Tim on Friday, which was great (well, the company was great. The food was not). Stefan said Tim figured we would’ve taken the day off after a sunrise shoot, but Stefan knew better. I told Bry and he was like, “…Tim doesn’t know what we do, does he?” 

There are definitely periods where I sit on the couch and play games on my iPhone like every night for a week. But I think most of the time, we’re just working on other stuff. Which is great. I hope we can keep the Other Work stuff going, since we’ll be without the Primary Work in nine months or so.

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