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Axe me something.   I like: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Golden Girls, Heavy Weights, Watchmen, Futurama, X-Files, the 1950s, retro future/space age, tattoos, chubby dudes and cool stuff.
I am: an assistant editor and sound editor (professionally) and an editor (freelance). I draw comics and take photos, but not enough. I live with my boyfriend and my cat, who are both furry and cute.

orderedlists replied to your post “Today: emails to possible wedding caterers. Prices that are stupidly…”

Ah, I just kicked 25 bucks into the pot! Thanks for reminding me. I hope your day(s) gets better.

Thank you! You did not need to do that. Kindness always makes me feel really guilty about whining! :) I hope your day(s) gets better, too.

— 1 month ago

orderedlists replied to your photo: Look at this beard.

There is a hat in there somewhere, RIGHT?


— 1 year ago

orderedlists replied to your photo: I got new glasses!

Awesome look!


— 2 years ago

orderedlists replied to your post: I hate posting anything slightly volatile on…

It is amazing the lengths that people will go to defend rape culture.

I know! He’s a good guy, too- wife and kids (one daughter). He likes a lot of old, smutty horror, but a lot of my friends do. I don’t have a problem with that. You can make arguments for the artistic merits of songs, music, video games, etc. It’s hard to come up with an argument to defend a sleazy piece of advice in a men’s magazine that isn’t, “yeah, but it’s not like that.”

— 2 years ago

orderedlists replied to your photo: Best schwag evar: Patagonia Better Sweater. I am…

That sweater has made you so happy, you can’t even look at the camera.


That and not seeing myself usually makes for a better picture. Better sweater picture.

— 2 years ago

orderedlists replied to your post: Amazon keeps sending me emails about the kindle…

The “special offers” one is the cheapest, but flashes ads at you when sleeping. So not that cheap.

Crap. I had no idea. 

Also, I initially interpreted that as it flashed ads at you while you were sleeping.

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orderedlists replied to your post: Our company website has been hacked and no one…

Call the host and have them pull the site, change the passwords and restore from backup?

Well, it’s got nothing to do with me, thankfully.

Our tech guy is trying to do all of that, but he’s more of an editing tech guy and doesn’t seem to totally get what is going on. 

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